Hungarian Lecsó


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Helló Mindenki!
Hungarian language is quite funny yet challenging for a newbie. It sounds a bit like Slavic language with Caucas/Turkish influences. Hungary is country of many, different shades. You will find breath-taking landscapes, fabulous castles, abundant fauna and stunning women.

I know two theories about Hungarian ancestors and history. One of them says about ancient nomadic tribe, coming from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Fearless and brutal people who lived to fight and fought to live. These people were called the Huns. Known better by Attila The Hun. Their greatest warrior-ruler. At some point, they settled down, organized more lasting and steady society in regions of contemporary Hungary. Other theory point at Turks as creators. Even now it is still a vague topic.

Hungarian cuisine is often spicy, due to their use of hot paprika. Well known, regional spice used in many meals. Garlic, coriander, bay leaf, black peppercorn, thyme and other herbs are also very common. Magyars are passionate about heavy, thick stews. Goulash is a typical dinner meal served in Hungary. Meat stews, casseroles, seasonal vegetables, steaks and meats are popular amongst locals. Today I present You – Lecsó – Hungarian stew.

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You will need some mushrooms, one big onion or two medium sized, some red bell pepper, small zucchini and some sausage. Grab yourself some tomato passata or better yet, tomato juice.

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Cut everything into small pieces, like in a picture above. Take a deep frying pot, heat it and add some fat. Add onions first and let them simmer for few minutes. Next, add mushrooms. Simmer them on a low heat undercover untill soft.On a frying pan, fry zucchini until brown on the sides and soft inside. At this point, You can fry sausage if You like. Add everything all together to a big pot. Add some tomato juice or passata and let it simmer, on a low heat. It is ready after 20-30 minutes. Serve with bread.








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