Chinese drunken chicken

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Chinese drunken chicken is simpy red wine soaked chicken breast along with oyster sauce for some smoky aroma. Chili pepper and fresh ginger give this meal oriental and fierce character. A mix of different bell peppers are pleasing to the eye, creating some sensuous view. Not to mention that they are full of vitamin C and antioxidants. Help absorb protein better and boost immune system. Asian noodles are a must here. 🙂

-250g of boneless chicken breast,

-2 medium sized bell peppers, different colors
-100g of mushrooms,
-Asian wheat noodles,
-Some dry red wine (I prefer Australian ones because of their lightness)
-Fresh ginger root

Spices used:
-Oyster sauce,
-Some dry red wine (I prefer Australian ones because of their zesty aroma)
-Coarse ground black pepper,
-Sweet paprika,



Wash and cut chicken breast into uniform pieces. Do the same with bell peppers. Prepare your asian noodles following instructions on the label. Prepare some big, heavy frying pan, the best option is WOK naturally. Heat the pan until very hot, add some olive oil. Crush chili pepper and stir in, stir out, let the chili bring out its spirit. Do it carefully and always with windows wide open. Capsaicin can be very toxic and hazardous to health! After about one minute or so, add chicken with the marinade, that is wine, oyster sauce and spices. Stir gently with wooden spoon, until chicken is just white/brownish. Add cut peppers. Stir in and fry for another 3 minutes. Now you can add fresh ginger. It is best to grate it just before the frying for some extra, exotic fragrance. Fry it only for a minute, then add mushrooms. Fry it until mushrooms reduce their size and all the water evaporate leaving just tasty, dense sauce. Serve with noodles aside.





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