Veggie tofu with rice noodles


I can’t get enough of Asian cuisine. It amazes me every time, I visit sushi bar or simply indulge in one of those Chinese delivieries or takeouts. There is always something more and new to discover. Lately I decided to experiment and eat less flesh and more vegetarian meals. It is well known fact that meat, especially red and fatty one, can do damage on your health in the long run. It can raise cholesterol to dangerous levels, cause abnormalities in blood pressure and attack your heart. Enough of that, let’s talk about Tofu. 🙂


Neutral-tasting tofu is known for readily absorbing flavor from other ingredients. Acts like a sponge. It is versatile and adaptable. Suits variety of cooking methods and dishes. Goes well raw, eaten alone, with bread as a sandwich, in a salad etc. Nutritionally speaking, it supplies easily digestible protein and heart-healthy fats. Plus it is high on calcium and magnesium, both good for bones, human nervous and immune system. Let’s proceed to my secret method of sweet, yummy Tofu exotic recipe.



You will need some good quality rice noodles, one carrot, one red bell pepper, one dried chili, medium-sized onion, garlic clove, about 150g of Tofu, soy sauce (I prefer my Tofu sweet, so I chose one with garlic and honey aroma), spices: some cinammon, ground cardamom, ground pepper and a pinch of ginger powder.

Prepare rice noodles following instructions on a label. Usually, you need to pour some boiling water, wait 3-5 minutes, and that’s all. Next, wash and chop vegetables into bite-size pieces. Grate carrot and mince or crush garlic. Cut Tofu in a small, uniform, square cubes.


On a medium heat put a frying pan, wait until hot. Melt some grass-fed butter or quality oil and crush dried chili in order to let out aromas and oils. Add vegetables and a pinch of every spice. When vegetables are starting to get soft and shiny, pour on some soy sauce and stir. Add tofu cubes, and fry for few minutes.


When it is ready, serve with rice noodles, add more of soy sauce if you want.



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