Pad Thai


Pad thai is a stir fry noodles served in Thailand. Pasta or rice noodles are fried with egg, chicken or tofu, fish sauce and handful of oriental vegetables. It is quick, simple and filling. Good option if you are health-conscious, but still like to eat like a man.

-Rice noodles or flat-wide pasta
-200g of chicken breast or tofu (for some vege hip swag)
-1 egg,
-2 shallots,
-1 garlic clove,
-small piece of ginger root,
-onion greens,
-dark soy sauce,
-oyster sauce,
-ground pepper,
-onion greens


Depends on what kind of pasta you will use, go by the instructions written on a package. Cook pasta. Wash and chop onions. Do the same with chicken. You want to get firm, bite-size pieces. Proceed to marinade. Add some red dry wine, pepper, soy sauce, oyster sauce, mix with chicken. Leave it. Put a deep frying pan or WOK on a medium heat. Wait until very hot. Add some olive oil, then fry chicken. Fry until still soft inside, but fried on the outside. Take out the chicken from the pan and add all vegetables. Stir all the time, fry for 2-3 minutes, then add chicken once again. Fry all together. Add pasta or rice noodles. Make some free space on a pan and pour more oil if needed. Beat an egg onto it. When the egg white start to curdle but yolk is still runny, gently mix it into the rest of ingredients. Cook on a low heat, stirring all the time. Serve when there is no visible egg pieces. 




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