Chili bean soup (Mexican)

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My favourite fall-winter soup. Beans will keep you feel full for longer because of the fiber, while fresh chilis will keep you warm because of capsaicin. Chilis are natural source of vitamin C plus other important antioxidants. Killer combo to prevent colds and keep you healthy. Onion and garlic will add some comfy aroma plus additional health benefits which are well known to everyone, I guess. This one is very easy to prepare. Takes about 15-20 minutes and is rather cheap. It is worth it. Remember to put on some Cypress Hill music amigo. Salude hermosa mujeres!

-canned kidney beans/or fresh (but it takes much more work)

-canned green peas,
-cooked carrots,
-1 big onion,
-1 garlic clove.
-bouillon cube (I prefer a touch of oyster sauce instead)
-olive oil,
-spices: whole black peppercorns, one fresh chili, caraway-seeds, ground cumin


In a deep pot, pour some water (aim for about 750ml). Add some peppercorns, caraway-seeds, one bay-leaf, few seeds of allspice, and (it is up to you) nothing, bouillon cube or like me – oyster sauce. It is up to you, depends on your taste and preferences. I prefer lighter soups without bouillon. Boil water with all the spices. Finely chop onion and mince garlic. On a pan, saute onion for few minutes on a low heat, then add garlic at the end, just for a minute. Add them to soup, stir in and out. Keep it boiling all the time. Add canned green peas, cooked carrots. Keep cooking it for the next 5-8 minutes. Add kidney beans and chili at the end. Remember to not overcook beans. Let cool a bit before serving. Serve with your favorite bread as a side, or for some mexican swag – with tortillas!



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