Peanut butter chicken curry


Have you ever heard about wanderlust? This term became popular throughout social media, especially favored among young people who just love to wander all around. I guess, it makes sense. Colloquially speaking it means a desire or a strong urge to travel/explore the world. When you dig deeper, it also means finding your very own place in the world, connecting with spiritual ancestors, discovering your niche. Someone can ask, what does it have to do with peanut butter chicken curry?! Well, it is more personal. Once I met few Indian people here in Cracow. Mostly exchange students. They were very nice, talkative and witty. Great peers to hang out with. I am still amazed by their exotic culture, morals and rites, religion and intelligence. Western world owes a lot to Indians in terms of science achievements…and culinary art. To show my admiration I made some delicious Indian curry. After all – as I mentioned in my previous posts – honestly I like Indian cuisine very much.

400g of boneless chicken breast,
-1 big onion,
-1 garlic clove,
-a piece of ginger root,
-Indian curry*
-peanut butter
-coconut milk
-1 lime
-1/2 teaspoon of honey/sugar
-ground pepper,
-salt/soy sauce optionally

*Indian curry, you can buy one already made or make fresh by yourself:
-coriander seeds,
-caraway seeds,
-turmeric (it is very important – that’s why curry is yellow)
-ginger powder,
-few cloves,
*As you can see, list of spices is pretty long and it takes a while to crush and mix it alltogether. Market or made – it is up to you.


Wash, chop vegetables and chicken. Put a heavy frying pan on some heat. Add a splash of oil, then throw in finely chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Fry on low heat just to evaporate all aromas. Onion should be shiny and soft. Add curry and stir in, stir in untill you get some sort of paste. Add pieces of chicken, stir and fry for next few minutes. Add some coconut milk (about 300ml will do the job). A bit of lime juice, half teaspoon of honey. Stir and fry on a low heat, preferably under the lid for the next 10 minutes until dense. Serve with warm, white rice as a side dish. 



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