Scrambled eggs with spinach, spring onions and cottage cheese


This is the most creamy, fluffy and soft scrambled eggs I have ever eaten. I guarantee you, you will feel the same.
The secret here is cottage cheese. May sound strange and odd at first, but as it turns out, it makes a great pair. It’s like milk, cream we often add to our eggs to make them more moist and floppy. Cottage cheese is nutritionally dense. It is packed with proteins, low on carbs and fat. Mix it with some spinach and spring onions for additional flavor.

-3 eggs,
some spring onions,
-few leafs of fresh spinach,
-low fat cottage cheese (about 4 teaspoons)
-fat, but don’t use oil! some good quality butter will do the job
-salt and pepper to taste


Heat a frying pan, add some butter to melt. Add fresh leafs of spinach, spring onions, previously washed and cut into pieces. Fry on a low heat, just to reduce and extract aroma. In a bowl, beat eggs until runny and add carefully onto hot pan. Reduce heat, fry slowly. At this point add your cottage cheese. Stir everything gently. It takes about 3-4minutes. Serve immediately because it loses warmth quickly. Enjoy. 😉



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