Kashmiri Kahwah

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Kahwah is a chai green tea consumed in Afghanistan, Pakistan and some Central Asia regions. It’s history is pretty vague, although many Kashmiris claim it has been consumed since ancient times. Nowadays it is enjoyed every day all day. Kashmiris drink it with breakfast. Locals serve it to guests, as a sign of hospitality and a way to connect. They drink it during conversations, meetings and trades. It is very nice and healthy habit. Works well for digestion, immunity and overall wellness. You should try it too!


organic green tea leafs,
-saffron strands,
-cinammon bark or powder,
-cardamom pods or powder,
-sugar/honey optionally


Boil a cup of water with all the spices above. Cook on a low heat, for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and add some grean tea leafs. Leave it under lid for about 3 minutes. Strain and serve in high glasses along with some biscuits, dates, figs or sweets.




Omelettes need no explanation. They are really easy and satisfying.


2-3 eggs,
-50g of grated cheese,
-spoon of butter,
-salt and pepper to taste


Crack eggs into a bowl, add pepper, salt and beat well with fork. Put a frying pan on a low heat. Wait until hot. Add a small knob of butter, let it melt nicely. Move pan to make fat slide all around. When it is ready, pour egg mixture. When the omelette is cooking, but stil quite raw and runny on top, grate some cheese. Using a spatula, fold it over in half. Let cook for another few minutes on low heat. Remove when omelette is getting nice ‚tan’ – golden brown underneath is optimal. Slide the omelette on a plate.

Breton beans


Breton beans aka Polish baked beans. It is so common here in Poland that many Polish people claim it is our traditional cuisine dish. Well, true origins of that recipe aren’t exactly known. Probably brought by some foreigner or a traveller and adopted by locals. Although it is typical rustic dish served in villages, created to provide long lasting energy, it is enjoyed, literally, by everyone. It is filling, nourishing and comfy slow food. I think those traits make it so popular and likeable.


200g of kidney beans (canned works too)
2 big onions,
1 garlic clove,
500g of tomato pure
100g of smoked bacon


Chop onions and crush garlic. Cut bacon into bite-size pieces. On a frying pan, heat a little bit of oil, then add bacon and fry. When there is visible bacon fat, add onion and fry on a low heat for about 5-6 minutes. At the end, add garlic for about 1 minute. Stir well. In a saucepan, add tomato pure and spices: caraway seeds, cumin, black pepper, salt and lots of savory. Add sauted onion, bacon and garlic. Add kidney beans. Stir in, do it gently but thouroughly. Cook on a low heat until very hot, stirring occasionally. Serve with your bread – opt for sourdough bread. In Poland we say – SMACZNEGO!

Chili bean soup (Mexican)

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My favourite fall-winter soup. Beans will keep you feel full for longer because of the fiber, while fresh chilis will keep you warm because of capsaicin. Chilis are natural source of vitamin C plus other important antioxidants. Killer combo to prevent colds and keep you healthy. Onion and garlic will add some comfy aroma plus additional health benefits which are well known to everyone, I guess. This one is very easy to prepare. Takes about 15-20 minutes and is rather cheap. It is worth it. Remember to put on some Cypress Hill music amigo. Salude hermosa mujeres!

-canned kidney beans/or fresh (but it takes much more work)

-canned green peas,
-cooked carrots,
-1 big onion,
-1 garlic clove.
-bouillon cube (I prefer a touch of oyster sauce instead)
-olive oil,
-spices: whole black peppercorns, one fresh chili, caraway-seeds, ground cumin


In a deep pot, pour some water (aim for about 750ml). Add some peppercorns, caraway-seeds, one bay-leaf, few seeds of allspice, and (it is up to you) nothing, bouillon cube or like me – oyster sauce. It is up to you, depends on your taste and preferences. I prefer lighter soups without bouillon. Boil water with all the spices. Finely chop onion and mince garlic. On a pan, saute onion for few minutes on a low heat, then add garlic at the end, just for a minute. Add them to soup, stir in and out. Keep it boiling all the time. Add canned green peas, cooked carrots. Keep cooking it for the next 5-8 minutes. Add kidney beans and chili at the end. Remember to not overcook beans. Let cool a bit before serving. Serve with your favorite bread as a side, or for some mexican swag – with tortillas!

Peanut butter chicken curry


Have you ever heard about wanderlust? This term became popular throughout social media, especially favored among young people who just love to wander all around. I guess, it makes sense. Colloquially speaking it means a desire or a strong urge to travel/explore the world. When you dig deeper, it also means finding your very own place in the world, connecting with spiritual ancestors, discovering your niche. Someone can ask, what does it have to do with peanut butter chicken curry?! Well, it is more personal. Once I met few Indian people here in Cracow. Mostly exchange students. They were very nice, talkative and witty. Great peers to hang out with. I am still amazed by their exotic culture, morals and rites, religion and intelligence. Western world owes a lot to Indians in terms of science achievements…and culinary art. To show my admiration I made some delicious Indian curry. After all – as I mentioned in my previous posts – honestly I like Indian cuisine very much.

400g of boneless chicken breast,
-1 big onion,
-1 garlic clove,
-a piece of ginger root,
-Indian curry*
-peanut butter
-coconut milk
-1 lime
-1/2 teaspoon of honey/sugar
-ground pepper,
-salt/soy sauce optionally

*Indian curry, you can buy one already made or make fresh by yourself:
-coriander seeds,
-caraway seeds,
-turmeric (it is very important – that’s why curry is yellow)
-ginger powder,
-few cloves,
*As you can see, list of spices is pretty long and it takes a while to crush and mix it alltogether. Market or made – it is up to you.


Wash, chop vegetables and chicken. Put a heavy frying pan on some heat. Add a splash of oil, then throw in finely chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Fry on low heat just to evaporate all aromas. Onion should be shiny and soft. Add curry and stir in, stir in untill you get some sort of paste. Add pieces of chicken, stir and fry for next few minutes. Add some coconut milk (about 300ml will do the job). A bit of lime juice, half teaspoon of honey. Stir and fry on a low heat, preferably under the lid for the next 10 minutes until dense. Serve with warm, white rice as a side dish. 

Curd and sprats paste

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Definitely an old school classic. Quick, easy and what’s more important – healthy. With a splash of olive oil it creates a firm paste ideal for breads n buns. Great companion for a party or casual meeting with friends.

100g of canned sprats in oil,
100g of low-fat curd
1 spring onion with green,
2-3 radishes,
Olive oil,
Fresh ground pepper to taste,
Bread/buns to serve,


It’s very simple. Cut vegetables into uniform, bite-size pieces. In a deep bowl, crush the curd. Add vegetables. Add a tablespoon of olive oil, optionally some fresh ground pepper if you like your meal a bit more spicy. Stir gently until firm and solid. Serve.

4 minutes chicken stir-fry

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Asian cuisine is respected and enjoyed all over the world. It is one of the healthiest too. Lots of vegetables, health aid spices, short cooking time. You can learn it and experiment by yourself. Stir-fry is a combination of some meat, vegetables and spices cooked on a very high heat for a short period of time. Usually served with rice and salad as a side dish.

– 200g boneless chicken breast,
-a mix of bell peppers (red, yellow, green)
-Garlic clove,
-ginger root,
-oyster sauce,
-a mix of ground peppers,
-olive oil,
-salt to taste


Cut up the ingredients into uniform bite-size pieces. Cut and marinate the meat. Add minced Garlic, some ginger, ground peppers, a pinch of salt, cornstarch, tablespoon of olive oil and oyster sauce. Mix together until firm. Next step is a matter of very hot pan (wok) and good timing. That means cooking for 4 minutes. 2 minutes for the chicken, 1 minute for vegetables, 1 minute all together with oyster sauce. Be fast, careful and observant. Timing is the key here. Let your reason and senses guide you, but it is all good to use a timer. 🙂 Enjoy.

Indo-Chinese fried rice

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Did you know egg is the key to great fried rice? Egg-fried rice is very popular Indo-Asian dish. This here is a quick, plain and relatively cheap recipe for a delicious and nutritious brunch/lunch or supper meal. Enjoy.


1 big egg,
1 Garlic clove,
few onion chives,
100g canned green peas (although look for fresh one),
100g of white long-grain rice,
soy sauce to taste,
pepper and salt optional


Finely chop Garlic and onion chives. Cook rice for about 12-15 minutes, cool it well. Heat 2 tsp of vegetable oil in a pan, add some Garlic and chives to fry. After 2-3 minutes pour beaten eggs into the pan, add some salt, pepper and soy sauce. When egg has just set a little, gently stir and scramble it. Add cool rice and fry for just 5 minutes on a low heat. Garnish on top with some chive greens.

Scrambled eggs with spinach, spring onions and cottage cheese


This is the most creamy, fluffy and soft scrambled eggs I have ever eaten. I guarantee you, you will feel the same.
The secret here is cottage cheese. May sound strange and odd at first, but as it turns out, it makes a great pair. It’s like milk, cream we often add to our eggs to make them more moist and floppy. Cottage cheese is nutritionally dense. It is packed with proteins, low on carbs and fat. Mix it with some spinach and spring onions for additional flavor.

-3 eggs,
some spring onions,
-few leafs of fresh spinach,
-low fat cottage cheese (about 4 teaspoons)
-fat, but don’t use oil! some good quality butter will do the job
-salt and pepper to taste


Heat a frying pan, add some butter to melt. Add fresh leafs of spinach, spring onions, previously washed and cut into pieces. Fry on a low heat, just to reduce and extract aroma. In a bowl, beat eggs until runny and add carefully onto hot pan. Reduce heat, fry slowly. At this point add your cottage cheese. Stir everything gently. It takes about 3-4minutes. Serve immediately because it loses warmth quickly. Enjoy. 😉