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Shakshuka – sounds funny huh? May look kinda odd to You but believe me – the taste is out-of-this world experience. :)Whoever invented this extremely simple dish is a genius. Genius lies in simplicity. This protein packed breakfast will give you energy and good mood for the whole day.
Shakshuka as far as I know, from Arabic-Hebrew means ”to mixture”. Yet it’s origins are quite vague. Some people say it came from North Africa, others that it is Arabic. It’s ambiguity comes from the fact it is loved all over the world. Mexicans for example got their very own version of shakshuka. They call it huevos rancheros. The concept is the same – ”to mixture”. The difference is that Mexican add their national food ingredients – chili pepper and corn tortillas. The one I made, is said to be Eastern origin. The recipe below.

You will need:
– few eggs,
– red bell pepper,
– onion,
– garlic,
– canned tomatoes,
– tomatoe paste,
– good quality olive oil and spices (salt, black pepper, cumin)

1. Wash vegetables, hollow out the seeds from the red pepper and chop it in small pieces. Do the same with onion. Crush the garlic.
2. Heat up the pan, then add the oil, next add onion mixed with garlic. Fry on low heat for about few minutes.
3. Add canned tomatoes with juices, mixture all together well but slowly.
4. At this stage add cumin and black pepper depending on how hot You like Your meal.
5. Turn on the low heat, cover with pan lid and fry for about 10 minutes, until excessive water pours out and you will get some nice, firm sauce.
6. Add a teaspoon of tomatoe paste if needed, to add firmness and acidic flavour for balance. Stir gently.
7. Make some hollow spots in the mixture, and crush eggs directly into them. Turn the heat on medium-low, cover with lid and wait for about 10 minutes. Observe.
8. You have Your shakshuka. You can put it on plate, but traditionally they serve it straight on the saucepan. Looks even better and add vibes. 🙂 Serve with your favorite bread, or salad for a light meal.



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