Bloody steaks and beer

Cooking steak is an art and you should treat it like that. Mastering it takes a lot of practice but gives a lot of satisfaction in return.  Do you remember yourself doing BBQ for your family members, guests or friends at a party or some social gathering? Or just being there, unable to sit patiently, getting hungry every minute. Can you remember that smoky smell following you, charcoal burning, that pleasant barbecue warmth grasping you tightly? Can you recall laughter and good humor shared with people surrounding you?


Here is basic recipe for steak. Called classic and legendary by some, puritan and virgin by others. Do it, eat it and decide for yourself.

– Ground beef steaks (I prefer thin ones)
– Sunflower oil
– Fresh ground black pepper
– Sea salt

Wash steaks and leave it to dry. Pour oil on your hand and massage it into steak. Do it on both sides. Then, add some fresh ground pepper. During frying pepper will ‚dissolve’ and make steaks juicy and spicy. That’s how you want your meat to be done. At this stage, leave steaks for about 30-40 minutes to let them absorb oil and pepper and adjust to room temperature. This is important – really make steaks taste better. After that time, pour a little oil on dry pan. Cook on very high heat untill oil gathers in the middle of a pan and you see oily bubbles. My advice on cooking is to adjust time to meat thickness. So, if your steak is 1cm thick, cook 1 minute on one side. If it’s 2cm then 2m, etc. etc.
For some reason, probably thanks to pop-culture and Americans, beer and steaks go extremely well. Just like french cheese and wine or coffee and a cookie.





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